AI Index 2021

Till Böddinghaus
Till Böddinghaus

In the AI Index 2021 Annual Report conducted by Stanford University the general consensus is clear: using AI is more and more becoming a significant driver of economic activity.

As addressed in previous blog entries and the report, the use of various new technologies, might lead to unwanted, harmful and expensive consequences, e.g. discrimination based on ethnicity or gender, sexual orientation or privacy intrusion.

According to a McKinsey survey, the report states that although there are growing calls to address and focus on these ethical concerns associated with AI, industry actions to tackle these remain limited. In general terms: "[…] the field generally lacks benchmarks that can be used to measure or assess the relationships between broader societal discussions about technology development and the development of the technology itself." Still, between 2015 and 2020 the number of papers related to ethics-related keywords in titles has significantly increased.

Furthermore, the top three risks from adopting AI that organizations take steps to mitigate were identified in the survey and have shown to be Cybersecurity, Regulatory Compliance and Personal / Individual Privacy. If we want to establish strong foundations for Ethical AI, we need a structured approach to address all these concerns.

To protect personal information, build a secure infrastructure against attackers and stay compliant to regulations at all times we propose a robust and holistic solution.

Early in the development process of DQ0 we decided to make privacy not a feature but a central foundation of our product. Created with “Privacy by design” in mind, we especially tackle privacy and compliance, developing a flexible solution well suited to be integrated into your secure environment.

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