Ekip - Research Project for Ethical AI Platform

Jona Boeddinghaus
Jona Boeddinghaus


How do you develop good and trustworthy AI applications? And what does this even mean? Traditionally, AI and Machine Learning development either ignores questions of ethical implications or treat them as an optional matter.

In this FFG-funded project Gradient Zero collaborates with Professor Mark Coeckelbergh from the University of Vienna and the the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence to put ethical issues front center in AI development. The project aims to enhance our machine learning platform dq0.io into a full-fledged environment for ethical AI development.

This project provides the unique possibility to bring together ethicists and technical researchers to develop concrete ethics-by-design principles dealing with the practical considerations arising from compliance with relevant ethical foundations and legal frameworks and the constraints imposed by technical implementation.

Starting with philosophical reflections on questions about privacy, transparency, fairness, and impacts, the team will continue to develop tools to embed these principles directly in the AI development process for truly explainable and accountable AI.


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