Privacy-preserving Customer Analytics

Leverage the power of AI to optimize your customer centric activities
  • Tailoring a product and service structure as complicated as Energy can be a long process
  • AI gives you the option to tailor it automatically to perfectly match user statistics and target customer behavior
  • You can continuously improve your advertising, sales and retention process - securing revenue and increasing margins at a degree of efficiency humans can not work at
  • Tailor your energy supply process to daily customer behavior automatically

DQ0 Data Science Dashboard DQ0 Data Science Dashboard

Use AI as a tool to tailor your customer facing and servicing processes perfectly to their behavior and preferences - gaining new customers and retaining those you already have at the best rate possible.

By using DQ0 as a platform, you can safely make use of all customer data and lead data gathered in sales, marketing and customer service processes - by employing differential privacy.

This way you keep the benefits of a well trained AI supporting your management, while staying GDPR compliant.