AI-based Medical Image Analysis

Increasing accuracy and speed of disease and impairment diagnosis with AI as a second opinion
  • Medical Imaging is one of the most detailed diagnosis methods available - though images are open to professional interpretation
  • AI helps doctors identify patterns in images and supports diagnosis by giving a second opinion
  • Less impairments, dispositions and diseases are missed in diagnosis
  • While medical professionals have to spend less time on diagnosis in an already overwhelming schedule

DQ0 Data Science Dashboard DQ0 Data Science Dashboard

Use AI as a tool to improve accuracy and accelerate Medical Imaging Diagnosis. Saving medical professionals time and minimizing the long term effects of impairments that are potentially overlooked without early, ML driven detection.

By employing DQ0’s Differential Privacy feature, you can utilize the data of thousands of patients to train the AI model to be as accurate as possible - while protecting the privacy and data of all patients adherent to GDPR laws.