DQ0 Use Case Industry

Keep your measurement data where it belongs. No chance for industrial spying. Securely seize the opportunities of digitalization with Data Science and Machine Learning.
DQ0 Use Case Industry

DQ0 Solutions for Industries

Unlock the value of your data
without revealing any busniess secrets
Get ready for the data-driven future
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become very important research and business areas. Seizing the value of your data is key to almost every successful enterprise.

The Problem


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning matured into a very important research and business area. Seizing the value of your data is key to almost any successful enterprise. Yet, few companies are willing or able to employ dedicated data science teams.

Therefore the demand for external data science consulting remains high and will only increase in the next years. But providing external teams access to your data poses serious business risks.

What if sensitive measurement data, containing secret information about your products, leaks to third parties or even to the public? What if malicious external analysts reverse engineer your methods with statistical evaluations of the provided datasets.

Information security and cybercrime incidents have significant business impact. But protecting against adversaries by just locking away all your data it not the right solution.

The Solution


DQ0 provides a mathematically proven solution to keep your secrets secret while allowing advanced data analyzation to unlock full potential of your business and measurement data. Own your data and open it for analytics.

DQ0 is easy to integrate and it immediately protects your data. Be it internally, effectively ruling out any possibilities of data breaches, or externally for stress-free data science consultancy contracts.

With DQ0 as your trused enclave you can grant direct access to your secret business and machine data to a selected few. While everybody else performs analyzation through DQ0, reducing information disclosure risks significantly.

As you don't need to worry about information loss anymore, you can even create valuable data marketplaces and offer or sell your data to any external party.