DQ0 Use Case Open Data

Make your data available to the public and create valuable data marketplaces. For research or business. Fully compliant with any national and international data protection law.
DQ0 Use Case Open Data

DQ0 Solutions for Public & Governmental

Make all data
publicly available
with DQ0
Open Data, Open Government, Freedom of information. Openly accessible data is a key promise of modern democracy. DQ0 helps to keep this promise safely for all data.

The Problem


Citizens have the right to freedom of information. Legal texts and data on public administration should always be openly accessible.

However, the public administration's promise of transparency quickly reaches its limits when it comes to making datasets that contain sensitive information publicly available.

Legal texts contain personal data. Likewise administrative data, studies and official information. Traffic information contains movement profiles of individual participants.

Research institutions need data and produce data. The goal is to make this data easily available to all researchers.

But all of these open data initiatives don't work if they don't put privacy first. All datasets must be validated for information relevant to data protection and, if necessary, adjusted with extensive, labor-intense processes before publication.

And even after anonymizing the data, it cannot be ruled out that conclusions can be drawn from that data about individual people.

The Solution


DQ0 is based on Differential Privacy and guarantees maximum data protection. General statements about a dataset are completely possible, individual data points are fully protected.

With DQ0 the Open Data promise can be redeemed. Easier than with previous approaches. And safer.

DQ0's secure, mathematically proven method for data security creates trust. For the use of Open Data and for the creation of Open data. Because only when data protection comes first can Open data and Open Government work.