DQ0 Use Case E-Commerce

Recommender systems, user profiling for targeted advertising or individualized product rankings are just a few examples of successful applications of machine learning in online retail. Whatever method, personal data is involved raising serious questions about GDPR compliancy.
DQ0 Use Case E-Commerce

DQ0 Solutions for E-Commerce

Breakdown data silos
and analyze user data across teams and companies with DQ0
Know your customers. Securely analyze personal data without worrying about GDPR. Maximize your marketing efforts with DQ0's privacy-preserving machine learning.

The Problem


Advertising is communicating offerings to potential customers. Shouting out the message to the whole world can help brand awareness but other than that advertising is all about communicating to the right audience. Potential customers that are already interested in similar products for example are much more likely to positively respond to the ad. Targeted advertising is based on user attribution.

Knowing your (potential) customers is key. (Online) marketing companies spend a lot on user analyzation. It’s often machine learning models that help identify the best group of users for the next upselling, churn-preventing or conversion campaign.

Therefore, modern marketing, by definition, is based on analyzing personal data. But with new data protection laws in place, marketing companies struggle with the challenge of identifying users and protecting their privacy. Often personal data sets will be pseudonymized from central business intelligence units, distributed to different data analyzation teams and then re-identified with the analyzation results.

These processes are time-consuming in a fast-moving environment and most of all: they are a data privacy nightmare as de-identification is possible through advanced algorithms or faulty policies.

The Solution


DQ0 offers a central data storage solution where all user data can safely be stored.

Data analysts from different units or even different companies can access those data sets through the secure DQ0 interface.

They can perform their data analyzation tasks on the complete, constantly updated database, without ever disclosing any private information.

Developed models for user classification can be shared across teams. The marketing department can always work with the latest models and deploy them for production use directly in the DQ0 platform.

Marketing companies or in-house business intelligence units can win their clients with a truly secure and privacy-preserving solution for user data processing.